Japan Peace Conference 2007
International Symposium

Theme of the Symposium
- Extend Cooperation and Solidarity against U.S. Military Bases from Local to Global

Common Theme of the Conference
- Oppose the Extension of the Anti-Terrorism Special Measures Law and the Dispatch of Japan's Self-Defense Forces Abroad!
Protest against the Glorifying of Japan's War of Aggression, Block the Attempt to Revise Article 9 to Make Japan a War-Waging Nation

- No to the Reinforcement of U.S. Military Bases in Japan, Free Japan of Military Bases and Military Alliance by Making Full Use of Article 9

- Build international solidarity against U.S. bases for a nuclear weapon-free Japan, Asia and world

- Panelists -

Mr. Geov Parrish (USA)
Executive Director, Peace Action of Washington

Ms. Paulina Elizabeth Ponce Cando (Ecuador)
No Bases International Network, the No Bases Coalition - Ecuador
Communication Director, Ecumenical Human Rights Commission (CEDHU)

Mr. Andrea Licata (Italy)
Advisor, Committee of Inhabitants and Workers of East Vicenza

Ms. Ko You Kyoung (Republic of Korea)
Bureau Chief, The Campaign for Eradication of Crimes by US Troops in Korea

Mr. Tadaaki Kawata (Japan)
Executive Board Member, Japan Peace Committee

- Special Reports -

Mr. Shigeo Yamauchi (Okinawa)
Director , Department of Military Base Affairs Policy Ginowan City

Ms. Nobuko Nakazawa (Kanagawa)
Kanagawa Peace Committee

Mr. Masatsugu Isa (Okinawa)
Takae Residents' Association against Helipads

Mr. Teruo Onishi (Okinawa)
Nago Council against the Construction of U.S. On-Sea Heliport
Nago Peace Committee, Okinawa

- Keynote Report -

Mr. Chisaka Jun
Secretary General, Japan Peace Committee

- Coordinator -

Mr. Keisuke Fuse
Director, International Bureau
National Confederation of Trade Unions, ZENROREN

- Press Release -

Statement of the Panelists of the International Symposium
2007 Japan Peace Conference Press Release