Japan Peace Conference 2005
International Symposium

Theme of the Symposium
Build Solidarity in Asia and Throughout the World against US Military Bases
- No to the US tyranny and for Peace and Just World

- Panelists-

Dr. Zia Mian (U.S.A.)
Program on Science and Global Security
Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs
Princeton University

Mr. Luis Saavedra (Ecuador)
Regional Foundation for Counseling on Human Rights, INREDH.
International Organizing Committee (IOC) for the Abolition of Military Bases
National Coalition for the World Conference against Military Bases

Ms. Robin Susan Taubenfeld (Australia)
Everyone for a Nuclear Free Future (ENuFF) Brisbane
Brisbane Anti-Bases, Brisbane

Mr. Yoo Hong (Republic of Korea)
Solidarity for Peace and Reunification of Korea (SPARK)

Mr. NIIHARA Shouji (Japan)
Researcher of International Issues, Director of Japan Peace Committee

- Special Reports -

Chair, Nago Council against the Construction of US On-Sea Heliport
Nago Peace Committee, Okinawa

Ms. KAMOI Hiroko
Liaison Council of Zama and Sagamihara Citizens Against Relocation of U.S. Army First Corps to Camp Zama

Mr. GOTO Masahiko
Co-Representative, Citizensユ Association to Question Planned Deployment of Nuclear Carriers to Yokosuka Port

- Keynote Report -

Mr. HAYASAKA Yoshiro

-Press release-

International Symposium
2005 Japan Peace Conference

- Coordinator -

Mr. KAWATA Tadaaki
Executive Board Member, Japan Peace Committee