Japan Peace Conference 2004
International Symposium

Theme of the Meeting
Develop International Solidarity against US bases All Over the World
~ Defeat the US Dangerous Strategy, Establish Peace in Asia

The United States is pushing ahead with the transformation of its military presence all over the world in line with its preemptive attack strategy, with Japan being reinforced as the stepping stone.
Meanwhile, we are witnessing movements against U.S. bases developing throughout the world. Representatives of the anti-U.S. base movements from different parts of the world joined the international symposium to discuss the problems of US bases abroad and explore ways to develop international solidarity for their solution.


Dr. Joseph Gerson
Director of Programs and director of the Peace and Economic Security Progarm, American Friends Service Committee in New England, U.S.A

Ms. Koh Ji-Seon
In charge of U.S. base environment watch, Green Korea Unite, Republic of Korea

Mr. Herbert Docena
Researcher-campaigner with Focus on the Global South, the Philippines

Mr. Chisaka Jun
Secretary General, Japan Peace Council

- Guest Speakers-

Mr. Chunn Man-Kyu
Chair, Maehyang-ri Peopleユs Task Force for the Closure of U.S. Air Force Bombing Range, Republic of Korea

Mr. Jimmy Massey
Former US Marine who served in Iraq, U.S.A

- Special Reporter-

Mr. Teruo Onishi
President, Nago Peace Committee / Co-Chair, Anti-Helicopter Base Council, Okinawa, Japan

- Keynote Report -


(Secretary General, Japan Peace Committee)

- Coordinator-

Mr. Kawata Tadaaki
Executive Board Member, Japan Peace Committee