Japan Peace Conference 2003
International Symposium

January 29 - February 1, 2004


Mr. Yves-Jean Gallas
(Mouvement de la Paix, France)

Ms. Ko You-kyoung
(National Campaign for Eradication of Crimes by U.S. Troops in Korea)

Mr. Josef Gerson
(American Friends Service Committee)

Mr.Hiroshi Takakusaki
(Secretary General, the Japan Council against A and H Bombs)

[Special report]

Mr. Jawad Al-Ali
(Director of the oncology center Basrah, Iraqs)

Mr. Alenn Nelson
(a former US Marine)

Mr.Mitsuo Sato
(Japan Peace Committee)

Mr.Nakamura Shigeichi
(Japan Peace Committee)

Mr.Takehisa Hirayama
(Japan Peace Committee)

[Keynote Report]

Mr.Jun Chisaka
(Secretary General Japan Peace Committee)

[Press release]

International Symposium
2003 Japan Peace Conference

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